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"This program changed my life forever.

I found so much more than I was looking for." -Nancy K. 


The right of your lifetime is awakening to the truth of who you are. Yoga offers a path to claim your Authentic Self. By claiming YES to a deeper self-exploration, you divinely manifest the greater good not only for yourself, but for the world.


We welcome you as you are, supporting people who may or may not choose to teach yoga after completion of the program. No physical yoga (asana) experience is needed to qualify you as a program participant, yet you must have an open mind and a dedicated heart in the quest to understand your Self. Your commitment is essential to all involved.


Become a CERTIFIED yoga teacher or AUDIT the program to deepen self-study!

9 immersion weekends in 9 months - totaling 180 hours -  merge the logical mind with the intuitive heart, the historical with the esoteric, and ancient wisdoms with universal insights to better reveal your pure potential. Your unique gifts, spirit, and voice will be cultivated through traditional and artistic experiences. 

This wide-spectrum, experiential program is designed to strengthen and sophisticate your understanding of Self so you will be capable to teach safe and inspiring yoga classes.

Blooming Life is a registered 200 + 300 hour school with Yoga Alliance, and this is a certified 200-hour program. The program's seminal text is The Story & Art of Yoga, developed and written by lead teacher and BLY founder, Lily Kessler.



  • Psychological + emotional steps to embody the Tradition
  • Meditation: traditional + passive techniques in daily living
  • Self-awareness of conditioned behaviors
  • Emotional release, healing + forgiveness
  • Conscious choice 
  • Finding your Voice
    • Mantra: traditional Vedic Voices
    • Song: Invoking the Succulent within
  • Light on trauma
  • Transformative power of dance​ 


  • Linking universal concepts within your daily living
  • Styles of contemporary yoga: Yin, Nidra, Restorative, Ashtanga, Kundalini
  • History + evolution of yoga on + off the mat
    • Pre-Vedic + Vedic Civilization: Sanskrit, Ayurveda
    • Samkhya Philosophy: Perception + Reality
    • Upanishadic Era: Atman + Brahman, Om/AUM
    • Bhagavad Gita: Branches of Yoga, Hero's Journey
    • Bhakti: Kirtan experience
    • Buddhism: Four Noble Truths, Eight-fold Path
    • Classical Yoga:  Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Kleshas
    • Deities: faces of Source + Self, Mythologies within Asanas
    • Tantric Era: Shiva + Shakti, Chakras, Nadis, Koshas
    • Hatha Yoga Era: Mudras, Bandhas
    • Modern Yoga in the West: Key Contributors, New Lineages


  • Pranayama (breath work): 5 pranic movements 
  • Asana (yoga poses)
    • Name, form, symbology + alignment 
    • Psychological + physical benefits
  • Functional anatomy + therapeutic understanding of poses
  • Modifications 'to whom + when'
  • Adjustments: visual, verbal, + safe-touch
  • Pose principles: standing, inversion, backbends, forward bends, twists 
  • Dristi placement
  • Moon cycles


  • Cultivation of ambiance
  • How to plan a holistic class experience 
  • How to teach poses confidently
  • Intelligent sequencing of the 'arc'
  • Pacing, themes, + basic voicing
  • Ethical guidelines + holding space
  • Business of Yoga
  • Responsibilities of the evolution of the Tradition


  • No prior teaching or asana experience required
  • Injuries + stiffness OK
  • You must be present during all scheduled times to receive Yoga Alliance certification
  • Full group participation + willingness to try something new
  • Giving + receiving feedback
  • Weekly yoga class encouraged + self-directed meditation participation
  • Welcoming out-of-state students 


  • PROVIDED - Story of Yoga: Humanity's Quest for Nourishment© - manual written by Lily Kessler
  • SELF-PROVIDED - 5 additional texts provided upon acceptance into the program


CERTIFIED: upon completion of requirements, be globally recognized by Yoga Alliance

AUDIT: a self-study option that allows you to come + go as you wish

EMAIL US if you would like to be considered as a participant in the program. We will then schedule a time for a conversation with Lily to qualify you for the program. If you live locally, you are encouraged to come to a free information session (times/dates listed above) + REGISTER HERE


CERTIFIED: $3200 TOTAL. $500 deposit upon acceptance. Choices of payment:

1) $3200 paid in full

2) $500 deposit / $2700 due before April 20

3) $500 deposit / 1) $1350 due before February 23  +  2) $1350 due before April 20

AUDIT: $2700 TOTAL. $500 deposit upon acceptance. Payment dates as above.


Blooming Life Yoga: 30 South Elm Street, Zionsville, IN 46077

Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 11-7pm, Sunday 9-5pm / full attendance is required for certificate

  • Module 1: January 26, 27, 28 
  • Module 2: February 23, 24, 25
  • Module 3: March 23, 24, 25
  • Module 4: April 20, 21, 22
  • Module 5: May 18, 19, 20
  • Module 6: June 15, 16, 17
  • Module 7: July 13, 14, 15
  • Module 8: August 10, 11, 12
  • Module 9: September 7, 8, 9

This 9 month program intentionally begins in winter, the time of hibernation and self-reflection. Like the growth stages of a human being in utero, you will graduate in the early harvest period of autumn, ready for the deep self-integration in winter, preparing for a radiant beginning of a new year.


Lily Kessler, ERYT-500, ED.S., is fascinated by the facets of the ancient, living Yoga Lineage. She sees how this vast Lineage supports authentic manifestation of each person's potential. It is Lily's life's calling to make Yoga's vast and tangled roots accessible and recognizable in everyday life, and she teaches locally and abroad in her unique down-to-earth manner. Additionally, Lily has partnered with Dr. Sue Morter for their online BodyAwake Yoga Training and yearly BodyAwake Retreat. Her book, lectures, and trainings are empowering, holistic explorations into the history of yoga and into the inquiry of Self. Lily believes each moment is pregnant with grace; grace to claim vitality, a new perspective, and embrace a blooming life.

A host of supporting + master teachers will contribute their expertise during each Module.

Lily is seen here with her husband Michael Kessler, RYT-200, and their dog Shanti Roo. Michael and Shanti will also accompany most classes. 



"Blooming Life's 200 hour teacher training was a strong well rounded program. It provided me with more than I ever imagined and a really solid foundation in asana and yoga philosophy. This diverse program gave me great insight into other areas that I can't wait to dive deeper into. Lily was so involved and is a wealth of knowledge to her students, I feel so grateful to have trained with her. This program has changed me and all aspects of my life in the most wonderful way."   Kate C.

"It truly was the experience of a lifetime and the beginning of a lifelong study. I am so glad I wandered into that studio 120 miles from home and decided to embark upon this journey. I couldn't have asked for a better experience or better guide."  Kerry B.

“I wanted to have all of the knowledge possible to make yoga a serious part of my life and a serious commitment forever. I feel fully enriched and I feel my life is changed. I recommend it to everyone.”  Christian C.

“I have not stopped thinking about our time at training. Yoga is finding a way into my heart so deeply I can not say. I have learned so much and love your teaching. The shala is another home.”  Anna L.

“My training could not have been more perfect.”  Jenny T.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to teach when I first came into this, but I do realize now that I do want to teach so I can share this wonderful peace, love, and passion with others.”  Jill A.

“BLY offers true teachings of yoga, focusing on the history and philosophy, which helped me establish a sound foundation and commitment for my own practice and teaching. Technique, safety, and language were important. A lot of thought and passion went into this well-rounded curriculum. I’m proud to be a BLY graduate.”  Judy M.

“I was scared going in because I didn’t think I was advanced enough. But I became a part of a Tribe and we are now life-long friends. I found my voice, my confidence, and I feel alive!”  Sophie S.

“Going through this yoga program has solidified that everything in my life is good. I’m not feeling like a victim for the things that happened in my life. I know it was no coincidence why I did my yoga teacher training here under your guidance. I still might lose my cool at times, but the yoga work has transformed my life. Everything is the way it is meant to be for my growth.”  Cristina G.

“Blooming Life offered an amazing study into the study of yoga and the books used were second to none. I will return to these books on my bookshelf for years. Some of the activities encouraged vulnerability and though it took me outside my comfort zone at times, that was the reason why I grew so much as a person and why I made such close friendships. Through various classes and visiting teachers, many styles of yoga were taught so creating flows from our base flow (for teaching) has been easier than I thought. A student is really encouraged to find his/her own style of teaching instead of one type that is refreshing in the time of such athletic sweaty yoga that is being practiced these days. That is not everyone’s yoga of choice and finding my own style was a great part of the journey. What I thought my style was coming into the program is not the same style as when I left the program.”  Alexis G.