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Refine your life. Be Nourished.

Your brain will tell you you are not ready. Your heart will tell you it is time. Always follow your heart.

I see a rapid expansion of yoga in the West. Though I welcome this growth, many teachers, and therefore students, do not understand Yoga's roots. In turn, knowledge of the Lineage is quickly diminished and forgotten. It is my life's calling to preserve the Yoga Lineage, our Human Story.

My book Story of Yoga: Humanity's Quest for Nourishment© is a comprehensive and holistic exploration into the vast and tangled roots of yoga. Learn of yoga's birth in the East and of it's expansion to the West. Alter your mental, physical, and spiritual lenses through deep philosophical inquiry and self-study.

Both of our in-person and online programs, Story of Yoga and Body Awake, consists of modules which are welcoming to all people, bodies, levels, and back grounds. It is a testament that most graduates have chosen to teach, yet most initially enter the program to refine their personal life experience. I feel confident your acquired knowledge-base will honor the Lineage and Authentic Self as you continue to grow in your Practice as a life-long learner and torchbearer of the Tradition.  

~ Lily Kessler