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Responsible Tourism, Exceptional Retreats

Peru. India. Costa Rica. Blooming Life Yoga Studio + School is fully dedicated to support local people and the land in all of our luxury eco-tours. We have partnered with the greenest, most eco-friendly options and businesses available to benefit communities and its stake-holders, from sustainable rainforest eco-lodges to luxury LEED Platinum Certified hotels, which host 4 to 5 star's. Buildings that have attained this rigorous level of LEED certification are among the greenest in the world. http://www.usgbc.org/leed

Retreat Leaders, Lily + Michael Kessler

Traveling allows one to journey into themselves. Lily and Michael lead luxury eco-retreats to India, Costa Rica, and Peru, being honored to explore Earth’s diverse beauty while sharing and practicing yoga with others. You truly get what you pay for. Lily ensures all retreats are exquisitely organized ensuring maximum safety and comfort, unique cultural experiences, and nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.


"My travels through India will forever shape my life journey. I continue to assimilate my experience and find myself drawn to return to this beautiful country of extreme dualities. Lily and Michael led the trip with grace and respect. Their knowledge and extensive studies of the culture and history furthered the depth of the experience."

"I had reached an emotional cynicism about worshipping and relationships, outside my family, of course.  I had stopped praying because I didn’t know to whom I was praying to anymore.  Then Lily took me to India.  I found myself in India. I realized that my God was within me and the clouds and the trees and the animals and the stars and the moon and the people.  The wonderful people that I met and who taught me to greet them with open arms, who enveloped me in real hugs and kissed me and told me that they could see my light shining inside of me.  They made me laugh and cry and sing and dance.  I learned to worship again.  I felt reborn and I cannot wait to go again and ride that emotional roller coaster, with my arms held high in the air at the top of the peaks ready to receive whatever else that India has to teach me. Thank you, Lily."

"I fell in love with Peru. I fell in love with people I met and traveled with. Lily brings a vital energy and enthusiasm that infuses everyone around her.  She is able to smile and laugh and that brings out the joy in your Yoga adventure, without compromising the spiritual essence.  She understands that Yoga is supposed to lift you up; not bring you down.  When the heightened spiritual energy of a session bubbles up to the surface, she feels confident enough to give it expression."

"I love the stories Lily tells that illuminate the history and rich background of the practice.  Her willingness to engage the mind and spirit rather than just the body is a big part of what makes engaging in one of her classes such a wonderful experience.  You leave feeling refreshed and energized in mind, body and soul. The (Costa Rican) beach helps, too."