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MAY 6 -17, 2018

Full Itinerary + Slideshow Below

I want to invite you to join us in Peru. About 2 days into our last visit, Michael I looked at each other and we started to laugh because without words, we already knew we were coming back. There is a lot of dedication to saying YES to establishing a trip that is open to all people. But it felt right to proceed with the Calling, and that makes all of the difference. 

Peru's power and intrinsic wisdom grounded insights that we thought we knew in our heads and instilled them deep into our hearts. Peru is one of the Earth's most ecologically diverse countries and our eyes opened in new ways to the exquisite creativity and perseverance of humanity.

The sights you will see are breathtaking and the energy you will feel is transformative. Our guides, Junia Imel and Jorge Luis Delgado are revered trip leaders and have led spiritual excursions around the world. Jorge is an esteemed Peruvian elder and Bridge - which is a more appropriate term for a true shaman - as he carries on the pure work of his mother and grandmother and others before them. 

From a creature-comfort level, I personally have very high standards of the quality of cleanliness and well crafted food, and our accommodations are truly beautiful. We will stay at a few of Jorge's exquisite 5 star and 4 star hotels, so we have amazing treatment.

We will be joined by minister Dr. Patty Luckenbach from Denver's Mile High Church, which is a large and loving spiritual community open to all faiths. Michael and I, along with others from our Blooming Life Family, will be there.

I believe Peru has gifts waiting for you. There's no time like Now. Be Nourished.